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This site is not a professional publication. It has been built on a home computer using free OS maps to help residents and visitors find new and better ways to get around Exmouth and to enjoy walking and cycling. 

Please let us know if there are mistakes or omissions. 

Huge thanks to J and JP,  HN, SP and AT for help in collecting information about paths. 

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came about as a result of
Exmouth's Neighbourhood Plan. 
            This site encourages Active Travel 
             - promoting healthy exercise while 
            reducing carbon emissions and
                           air pollution.  
           "Better for me. Better for the Planet!"

Active Travel Exmouth (ATE)

Active Travel Exmouth is a new group campaigning locally for better provision for walking and cycling.

We work closely with the Town Council. 

We had to cancel our 'Active Travel Day' but plan to reschedule  for sometime in the Spring 2021


Possible projects for 2021  include:-

  • a plan for one-way system on the seafront

  • interviewing residents and businesses about possible improvements - seafront and Exeter Road

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

  • more cycle parking 

  • working with Twenty's Plenty

  • adding more members to this group.

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