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Where do you want to go? 

Use this website to find new ways to get

around Exmouth without using a car. 

Go to our Maps  page to plan your own

cycling and walking routes.

News! Active Travel Day soon at Sideshore!

                  Free bike checks!

Use QR to book free Dr Bike or use this link


2023 poster F.png

Click on the poster to enlarge it 


Active Travel Exmouth supports the

20's Plenty for Us Campaign.

Click on the logo for more information

20's Plenty for Exmouth!

pic for link to Philip Desmonde vid.jpg

Click above to hear Philip Desmonde, Cabinet Member for Transport, Cornwall County Council, talking about implementing 20mph limits in Cornwall    5mins

Sadly, this event is cancelled because of the windy weather on the seafront. We hope to rearrange at a later date. 
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